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A cannery in Rimavská Sobota with rich assortment of sweet products.

An international gypsy festival full of Roma music, dance and art.

Secondary vocational school with its own facilities for internships, where students can get valuable work experience.

SOŠOS Rimavská Sobota

„Our cooperation has brought us a huge opportunity to go digital and showed us new horizons in marketing and promotion of our school. This company can combine and complement classic and modern forms of marketing and promotion in an excellent way.“


„Professional approach to the proposed conditions of the customer, a quick response to changes in the project during the preparation, collective work and offered improvement of the promotion were common result of our cooperation.“

Local provider of internet and television services in more than 10 cities in Slovakia.

The brand of doors that protect you and, in addition to modern design, will also delight you with their insulating properties.

The museum was founded in Rimavská Sobota in 1882. You can find their news and exhibitions in a video format, or you can find them on the website, which we have created in a way so that the client can add content independently from us.

New possibilities of modern and affordable warehouse services even for smaller companies.

Renovated restaurant in Rimavská Sobota also beloved by older generations.

An event connected with the end of the shepherd season, which takes place at the hut in Veľké Teriakovce.

A restaurant with a unique atmosphere located in a building with more than 170 years history.

Real estate agency from Košice with 20 years of experience will please you with its high reliability of services.

The mission of this brand is to support local producers and service providers, promote and support the development of the region, support the use of local resources and support the preservation of values, traditions and uniqueness of the region.

Bezpečnostné dvere Sofia / Mimel

„We have been forced to turn off online campaigns several times so that the amount of inquiries and orders received does not exceed our capacity. Transforming business into digital was the right decision, and anyone who ignores this fact today is making a mistake.“


„PROGNESSA has a team of skilled young people who basically grew up in the age of Google and Facebook. They know how to properly set up digital campaigns in the most beneficial way to the society.“

A company providing services and consulting in the field of digital optimization of business processes.

The organization participates in tourism infrastructure and regional products development, finds funding sources for projects that are presented on regional events, and also outside.

Garden offices, which provide a hideout from a disruptive home ambience to a productive working environment, in addition to a pleasant surrounding and luxurious design.

Help and care for the elderly and sick and mediation of work for nurses.

A shopping center with a wide range of construction supplies, furniture and household accessories.

A company from Switzerland that will take care of thorough cleanliness of your apartment, house or workplace.


An organization uniting other youth organizations in the Banska Bystrica region and creating conditions for young people to carry out their activities.

Finance, security, future. OVB's district head and his ambitious team will be happy to help you in these areas.

Unique faculty choice, activities and attractive contests during the study that would attract every future high school student.

MRS Transport / Mobilnet

„Transforming my business into digital has brought me a lot. It opened the door to new markets for me. Only thanks to digital marketing did I reach clients I would never have reached otherwise.“


„They created a representative professional website for us with interesting elements. Because we help different companies to digitize and optimize processes, we need to create the impression of a reliable partner in the digital world as well.“

Innovative and affordable solutions in the field of plumbing, sanitation and heating.

Shop and service of mobile phones and accessories.

Affordable top tools for various types of work.

Quality and affordable clothing for children.

A diet center that will help you to improve your eating habits and build up tailor-made menus.

High school with a number of medical aids, specialized professors and faculties that are demanded by the labor market.

Private primary school with an emphasis on independence, creative humanitarian education and the development of students' personalities.

Delivery of local regional products to your door.

A company from Klenovec focusing on cleaning wastewater and exhaust air.

Fit Family Radio

„Our requirements were fully fulfilled only while cooperating with PROGNESSA. Professionalism, imagination, creativity and timelessness of ideas are exactly what we were looking for and what we finally found with them.“


„Taking into account all the measurable data that online marketing offers, we can get to know our customer better and respond to their needs and requirements.“

A competitive cultural event traditionally held a few days before Christmas in Rimavská Sobota.

All-you-can-eat restaurant in Rimavská Sobota, which will keep you entertained as well as good food.

An independent internet radio, which in addition to broadcasting also organizes various social, cultural and sports activities.

A shop and installation services of laminate floors, plastic windows, blinds and interior and entrance doors.

A coworking center to support businesses, communities and creativity.

Law and accounting services that for many years have helped the citizens of Eastern Europe with migration and preparation of documents for moving to Slovakia.

We took care of the client's month-long promotion of a large Christmas promo, where thousands of followers participated to win more than 20 valuable prizes.

Private secondary vocational school with a focus on modern technologies.

Delivery of food, masks and hygiene items directly to your door.

OVB Ladislav Demeter

„With digitization, barriers disappear. I can start my business in different regions, even in other European countries. Digitization is the future of every company that has the ambition to become successful.“

Ele-Frid / Prenájom plošiny

„With PROGNESSA we have rebuilt our old non-optimized website into a new modern one that brings us customers. Thanks to this we are also able to sell our services all over the country.“

Dental clinic with a comprehensive range of services from prevention and care of the oral cavity to the solution of complex surgical procedures.

A modern space full of inspiration for education and networking. A unique project to support business in the Novohrad region.

Network of contactless car washes.

Tools and equipment rental from Prešov with prices that will please every handyman.

Modern retail store located in Prešov. Their main product is design lighting with highly professional advice.


Service for the administration of apartment houses, houses and other real estate in Rimavská Sobota and its surroundings.

School with an economic focus with employment opportunities in the public or private sector.

A network of contactless car washes in Rimavská Sobota and Lučenec.

The aim of the project is a positive social impact in the city of Rimavská Sobota and the surrounding region.

A project in Banská Bystrica designed for young people with the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills to implement their projects.

A place where our future generation, in addition to the mainstream curriculum, will also learn about personal development, experiential learning, critical thinking and creating a relationship with nature and healthy movement.

An international company, which produces automotive switches and other particles. You can find its factory in Rimavská Sobota.

Development program for high school students from Rimavská Sobota and the surrounding area.

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