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Firemná identita

Corporate identity

The company's branding is like a sports team. Although everyone has a different role, they are all dressed same and work together as a squad.

This is exactly how your brand should communicate.

A logo is just the tip of the iceberg

The production of a logo is far not the only step towards creating a complex visual identity.

The visual identity of your brand is defined by various graphic elements, fonts, the style of photos used in promotion or even the colors. It is also important to know to which objects and surfaces the visual identity will be applied.

5 reasons to say yes
to a new corporate identity

Better brand recognition
Differentiation of the brand among the competition
Increasing customer trust
Firm's dignity and attractiveness
Clearer brand communication

Feel free to attract more people with new identity

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  • Reštaurácia Mladosť - logo a firemná identitaReštaurácia Mladosť - grafika
  • Reštaurácia Europa - logoReštaurácia Europa - Instagram reklama
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Smooth process of cooperation

1. Do not hesitate to contact us
2. We will get to know goals and values ​​of firm
3. We will agree on a concept
4. We will design the logo and other elements
5. We will deliver a package with a branding

What exactly can we do for you?

Logo design
Logo design and basic corporate identity
Huge complex corporate identity

You want your competition
to take the cake? Surely not.

Firemná identita

Corporate identity

from creating logo to complex branding
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