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Change management

Change management can be compared to steering a ship whose course has been set. When we have all the systems and processes in the company set up to work properly, we can think about what will be the next step forward.
We have to adapt all our activities to the market, which changes very quickly. Once we have set up the process and system, it is necessary to modify it at the right time, give it the necessary upgrade.
But here another managerial problem arises. Employee resistance is most visible precisely at the time of changes. But changes are necessary for progress. Are you wondering how to implement change so that all the reservations of your employees do not fall on your shoulders?
For many implementations, however, there are strategies that can reduce this resistance. We try to help our partners implement the changes they want to see in their company. Plan them and implement them so that change management runs as smoothly as possible.

How to reduce employee resentment?

Don't just talk about what you are going to change, but also why you are going to change it
Explain to the employees the final positive effect of the introduced change
Show not only how the change will affect the entire company, but also how the change will affect each employee individually
Justify the negative consequences of not making the change
Identify which employees cope with the change the worst and devote a greater amount of consultation to them
People don't want change. They want things to work better. And for that, change is needed.

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