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Recruitment strategy (Employer branding)

The amount of salary is not a sufficiently motivating factor nowadays. So what is it?
The competition is stronger than ever and getting qualified employees is becoming more and more difficult.
It is therefore important to introduce potential employees to life in your company and show them that you are a company that can maintain customer satisfaction thanks to employee satisfaction.
Working employer branding goes hand in hand with the so-called Employee Value Proposition (EVP). It is a set of values that the company offers to its employees in return for their commitment, loyalty and work performance.
These values can be financial, e.g. wages, bonuses, benefits, or non-financial, e.g. career development, training and skills development, working conditions and company culture.

How to avoid the departure of key people from your company?

Create external stimuli (stimulation) and internal impulses (motivation) in the key person
Evaluate them objectively and fairly, let them feel that their work is seen and perceived
Provide a suitable work environment for achieving the best possible results of the work team
Educate them on a regular basis
Maintain positive working relationships and resolve potential conflicts as soon as possible
Happy employees make happy customers. Never the other way around.

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